Dove Wallet started from the idea, "financial services that I want to use". Safe and convenient services are important, but our primary goal is "to grow our customer's asset and move forward together".


Digital assets are still difficult to understand and approach for most people, but we provide easy-to-understand and simple services with direct financial benefits for everyone, even for those who aren't farmiliar with digital assets yet.

Dove Wallet is made for beginners & experienced investors and offers customers digital wallets/exchange platform that can securely store, trade, and manage digital assets in one place.

To grow together with our customers, we give back certain portion of trading fee based on the amount of digital assets stored in our wallet as a daily bonus (for more information about daily bonus click here)


  • 2019.12
    Childly US, UK & Canada Branch
  • 2019.11
    Dove Wallet Exceeds 70,000 Unique Users
  • 2019.04
    Official Launch of Dove Wallet
  • 2014.01
    Samsung Global Smart App Challenge 2013 Award
  • 2013.05
    Selected as the ‘self-employed business
    creative enterprises growth &
    technological development project’ by Korea TIPA
  • 2013.02
    Childly Founded
  • 2012.12
    Samsung Global Smart App Challenge 2012 Award
  • 2012.08
    Seoul ‘Young Entrepreneurs 1000 project’ Selected
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“No matter how big we become, let's keep learning like a child and be modest”

Our founding philosophy shows who we want to move forward with and the attitude we will always have

If you are -

(1) eager to improve yourself, filled with curiousity, and excited to learn new things;

(2) confident and responsible to face new challenges and admit your mistakes;

(3) looking for a chance to use your precious time for a meaningful cause.

Please click the link below to discover new opportunities at Childly.